How long does the concrete landscaping process take from start to end?

From excavation to the completion, you can expect the project timeline to be approximate 1 to 2 weeks in length. This timeframe is dependent on the scope and size of your project.

How does the cost of a decorative concrete driveway compare to asphalt driveway?

Dollar for dollar, the up front costs of placing and finishing concrete is more expensive than asphalt.

However, concrete will save your piggy bank long term through the very little maintenance and upkeep it requires, with concrete lasting for years longer than any other pavement material.

Artevia offers a design palette for homeowners that desire a range of landscaping treatments.

Will the in-home consultant offer design assistance?

While our Artevia sales people are experts on decorative concrete, they are not certified landscape architects. If this is the level of design expertise that you require for your project in its' entirety, it is best to contact someone who is a landscape architect by trade.

Within the in-home consultation, we will take you through everything you will experience in the process, obtain all your intricate project needs and offer advice based on our simplified product offering matched with your personalized style you are trying to achieve.

Is Artevia a new decorative concrete?

Decorative concrete has become increasing popular as an exterior design material in Canada, especially with the home renovation boom in the last few years.

It is an ideal way to accent your home and enhance for either the resale value or for long-term enjoyment, as it extends your living space significantly; creating a place for entertainment or pleasure.

Can I place concrete myself?

Artevia requires specialized training and craftsmanship, which only comes from years of experience, as well as the integral knowledge of a specific concrete mix design.

Our crew follows strict guidelines as outlined by the Ready-mix Concrete Association of Canada (RMCAO) and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). These guidelines are enforced on every single job.

I've often heard that concrete is susceptible to cracks, is this true?

Concrete placed according to our guidelines on a well-prepared sub-base and control joints will minimize the risk of cracking. Artevia products are concretes that are highly resistant to wear, extreme heat and freeze/thaw cycles. We also recommend that you seal your Artevia surfaces with a product offered by our installer. However, despite all precautions, shrinkage cracking may appear even in the highest quality work as they are inherent to concrete.

What is the appropriate thickness for my patio or driveway?

Part of the beauty in offering an in-home consultation is we are able to capture all of the specific details about your project and survey your home first hand — at which point, we will be able to determine the minimum thickness required for the application.

Driveway applications typically will require a larger slab thickness of 6 inches to address vehicle traffic and weight distribution, whereas walkways or less traffic areas require approximately 4 to 6 inches as a standard specified by your local building code.

How do I maintain Artevia surfaces?

The Artevia collection has been developed for easy maintenance. No special products are required: hose or pressure-washer will suffice.

Artevia surfaces are also highly durable and resistant to temperature variations. Our applicators do, however, recommend the application of a protective sealant every three years to preserve the original sheen of your surfaces.

What is the next available project booking date?

Due to the limited crew size, you can expect approximately a 1 to 2 month waiting period. Summer is landscaping season, and therefore we are busiest during this time. Get on the waiting list earlier than later to ensure your project can be completed when you want it done. Please be aware that project start dates are weather dependent (i.e. rain, temperature, etc)